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I just drove at night for the first time. I felt very accomplished until I nearly swerved into the wrong line while making a right turn on La Cienega, and someone honked at me. :(

Tomorrow is the freeway.

The Freeway.



On the bright side, this is...what, my fifth time driving? And I'm already on city streets in Los Angeles at night.

Pretty cool.


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Waiting list:

Johns Hopkins University
Washington University in St. Louis

University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Davis
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Santa Barbara
Fordham University (26k scholarship!)
New York University--Liberal Studies Program

Harvard College
Yale University
University of Pennsylvania

Unless Johns Hopkins takes me off the waiting list, my university of choice is....


UC Berkeley! GO BEARS! :-D

I really really really hate flaky people. Especially flaky musicians. I'm especially going to hate having to tell the composer that my band flaked on me, so I didn't get to play his piece after all. Sorry.

On the bright side, this means I don't have to butcher the piece like my MTV-generation guitarist wanted to. Because God forbid someone has to listen to a guitar-less piece for more than thirty seconds, right? Let's totally butcher Christoph's piece because the guitarist doesn't have enough class to appreciate it.

I suppose telling Christoph that I didn't get to do his piece is a lot better than him finding out that my guitarist completely bastardized it. Perhaps this particular instance of flakiness is a blessing in disguise.

This is why I love professionals.

College count:

UC Davis
NYU--Liberal Studies Program
UC San Diego

Waiting List:
Washington University in St. Louis


Letters yet to arrive:
Johns Hopkins
UC Santa Barbara
U Penn
UC Berkeley

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Tried Acorn Rack and found that even after all the crazy HTML stuff I did, I couldn't even fit two chapters on one page. So no Acorn rack. Catherine suggested Dreamweaver, which may or may not cost money. Anyone else know any sites?

Wrestling with the LJ formatting while trying to post new chapters, it dawned on me that this wasn't working out, and perhaps I should consider moving my story to another website.

What say my readers? Should I just post more chapters here and let you deal with the obnoxious double-spacing and space limits, or should I move somewhere else?

Note: "Somewhere else" must have security settings so I can keep my story private except for my friends. Do you know of such a place? I'm thinking perhaps Acorn Rack, but that could get tricky...

Non sequitor note: Graduation is in three months, and college letters come in three weeks.... *dances*

1.) Chapter 17 is no longer a Pile of Muck.
2.) My college apps are done. I get the remaining answers starting March 26 and ending April 3.
3.) That model in the advertisement on the right looks absolutely horrendous. Get some pants, girl. And stop bleaching your hair. You would look better as a brunette anyway.
4.) Thanks to Catherine, I actually have some ideas for the next chapter, which I will unfortunately not be able to start on until after Saturday due to speech tournament.
5.) I am so freaking sick of high school.
6.) I was rejected from Yale and from the University Scholars Program at Washington U in St Louis. But that's okay. I'll be REALLY bummed if Johns Hopkins rejects me.
7.) I think I'll be posting more chapters soon. O___O

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Currently looking for a clever icon that will make sense to people who haven't read my story...any suggestions?

So Kel hasn't been getting any coffee.... :-P

I saw my last July 5th post and decided to mimick it for old times' sake. So happy it-was-4th-of-July-27-minutes-ago.

I need a creative pick-me-up. >_

Writer's Block

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Microsoft Word took out half the paragraph indentations in my document.

Meaning I have to go through all 138 pages and right it.


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